ChillinIT - Who I Am/The Parkway (Part Two)

ChillinIT - Who I Am/The Parkway (Part Two)


Part 1 is here:


Fuck my life lets high some more //
Put a whole 8 ball on her spinal chord //
Let her spin vinyl wars // i never told lies before // thats a lie // the weeds great like chinas wall // i pray that you’ll find me lord // I been dancing with satan with grams in the basement// and this could be my final call //

I roll joints, got strains, like an injured with athlete //
i stay with the spliffs in backstreets // My shits apache // chopper chopper flow ya catch me // choppin up the dro in backseats //

Man i just puff on the spliff cos it take me away, fuck you think I’m the man for //
Me and tryl about to blaze on a jay, you ain’t sell us a gram short //

We don’t really give a fuck about it, but the principle could mean a dam war // I’m the principal like a high school, i get high fool, with No plans lord //

Stack money

get fucked off my face // Drugs get fuck through the day // Fuck with me babe // tell me have you ever had a man eat ya pussy while you puff on a jay // yes I’m the one you could say // keep drugs in a safe // hustle out drugs to the rave // Hustle out buds through the day // That’s the old life that I live, now i rap for my family sake //v

Keep pills in the curves of her shoe //
Keep pills in her purse and with a doob //
Most folk would sell that, but chill got packs on the burn for my personal use ///

FUCK OFF, 42Ofamily I love every single one of you cunts

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