🔥 Dunn D - CAST AWAY

🔥 Dunn D - CAST AWAY


THCtv presents Dunn D - ‘CAST AWAY’ I wrote this track last year when I was in a pretty dark place. From where I was at when I wrote it to where I’m at right now is like night and day. I didn’t fully comprehend at the time of writing it how much symbolic impact the last 4 bars of the song would hold. My new album ‘Phoenix’ coming soon. - Dunn D Recorded, filmed and edited by Greeley Mixed and mastered by Burd Brain https://www.facebook.com/DunnDmusic/ @dunnfarkind


Absolute beast…the beat,flow and clip are burner…a few heads have reignited my love for double time bars lately and this is no exception…just dope mate…keep them coming