Rules, Instructions, Feedback and Feature Requests

Rules, Instructions, Feedback and Feature Requests



The new place to stay updated with Australian Hip Hop. We bring together news from many sources including Facebook, Reddit, Artist Websites, Youtube, Media and lots more! We do the hardwork so you can enjoy the culture. This site was created because all the other online sites are not moderated properly or they are filled with Spam.

New users will be heavily moderated - once you are admitted into the community you will be less moderated and you may even be offered a position as a moderator.

Since this is connected to the Australian Hip Hop Directory, we will use organised categories and as many search features as possible so you can find what you want easily. Please be patient for the first few weeks as it will take time for new members to join and learn how this community website works. We would love to hear any feedback or recommendations.

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Conversations, not pages

Why break conversations into awkward and arbitrary pages, where you have to constantly find the Next Page button? We’ve replaced all that with the power of just-in-time loading. Want to read more? Keep scrolling down.

Dynamic notifications

When someone quotes your post, we’ll notify you. When someone mentions your @name, we’ll notify you. When someone replies to your post… well, you get the idea. And if you’re not around, we’ll email you, too.

Simple, but with context

This is a simple, flat forum, where replies flow down the page in a line. Expand context at the bottom and top of each post, and also in quotes, to reveal the full conversation without losing your place.

Born mobile, born to touch

This was designed for high resolution touch devices, with a built-in mobile layout. Read or post from your laptop, tablet, and phone in your browser of choice.
discourse on a mobile phone

Links automatically expand

Want to share a cool link you found? Just paste it in on a single line and we’ll make it awesome. Links to Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, GitHub, Twitter, Flickr and hundreds of other popular websites automatically expand to provide additional context and information.

Single sign-on

Seamlessly sign up or login with your existing site’s login credentials with easy, robust single sign on.

single sign on example button

Trust system

As members become trusted regulars over time, they earn abilities to help maintain their community.

a badge granting a user more forum control

Community moderation

Let the community suppress spam and dangerous content, and amicably resolve disputes.

example of a flagged post

Spam blocking

Built in Akismet spam protection and heuristics including new user sandboxing, user flag blocking, and standard nofollow.

example of a spam post

Social login

Easily login with social media accounts like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo, and GitHub.

social login buttons

Summarize topics

Use the Summarize button to condense long topics to just the most interesting and popular posts.

a summarize post button


Encourage positive community behaviours through the included set of badges…custom badges coming soon!

a badge for the number of likes a user recevied


Access a searchable list of standard emoji. Choose from four different emoji sets, or define your own custom emoji.

a list of emoji

Reply via email

When you aren’t active on the website, your notifications will be automatically sent to you via email. Reply via email from anywhere, on any device.

an email reply

Two-factor authentication

Enhance your account security with the free Android or iOS authenticator apps.

a summarize post button

# Plus so much more!

  • Email invitations
  • Mailing list support
  • File attachments
    ** Embeddable polls
  • Desktop notifications
  • Personal messaging
  • Drag & drop image uploads
  • Collaboratively edit wiki posts

Need help or have any suggestions? Simply message us

`# Desktop and/or Mobile Notifications

  • To turn on notifications, navigate to your user preferences, and hit “enable notifications”
    You will receive a confirmation notification if all went well.


Flagging is an in-built moderation measure intended to dissuade bad behaviour and spam, as well as to promote a civilised community. If you want to raise an issue about a post without derailing the topic at hand, the best course of action is usually to flag it.

Clicking the flag button will present a user with the following options:

Marking a post as Off-Topic, Inappropriate or Spam will trigger a notification so moderators may review the issue.

Flagging can also be considered as an extreme downvote, or a way to weed out posts that are not true to Hip Hop. Simply let the moderators know your reason and we will contact you.

We offer five user trust levels . Trust levels help combat spam effectively. Your current trust level is visible on your user page.

NOTE; These will be refined soon based on community usage & feedback…

Trust Level 0 — New

By default, all new users start out at trust level 0, meaning trust has yet to be earned. These are visitors who just created an account, and are still learning the community norms and the way your community works. New users’ abilities are restricted for safety – both theirs and yours.

(We also want to hide any “advanced” functionality from new users to make it less confusing for them as they gain more experience.)

Users at trust level 0 cannot

  • Send personal messages to other users
  • “Reply as new topic” via Link button (UI removed)
  • Flag posts
  • Post more than 1 image
  • Post any attachments
  • Post more than 2 hyperlinks in a post
  • Have actual links in the ‘about me’ field of their profile
  • Mention more than 2 users in a post
  • Post more than 3 topics
  • Post more than 10 replies

Trust Level 1 — Basic

We believe reading is the most fundamental and healthy action in any community. If a new user is willing to spend a little time reading, they will quickly be promoted to the first trust level.

Get to trust level 1 by…

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Users at trust level 1 can…

  • Use all core functions; all new user restrictions are removed
  • Send PMs
  • Upload images and attachments if enabled
  • Edit wiki posts
  • Flag posts

Trust Level 2 — Member

Get to trust level 2 by…

  • Visiting at least 15 days, not sequentially
  • Casting at least 1 like
  • Receiving at least 1 like
  • Replying to at least 3 different topics
  • Entering at least 20 topics
  • Reading at least 100 posts
  • Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

Users at trust level 2 can…

  • Use the “Invite others to this topic” button for one-click onboarding of new users to participate in topics
  • Invite outside users to PMs making a group PM
  • Daily like limit increased by 1.5×

Trust Level 3 — Regular

Regulars are the backbone of your community, the most active readers and reliable contributors over a period of months, even years. Because they’re always around, they can be further trusted to help tidy up and organize the community.

To get to trust level 3, in the last 100 days…

  • Must have visited at least 50% of days
  • Must have replied to at least 10 different topics
  • Of topics created in the last 100 days, must have viewed 25% (capped at 500)
  • Of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25% (capped at 20k)
  • Must have received 20 likes, and given 30 likes.*
  • Must not have received more than 5 spam or offensive flags (with unique posts and unique users for each, confirmed by a moderator)
  • Must not have been suspended or silenced

All of the above criteria must be true to achieve trust level 3. Furthermore, unlike other trust levels, you can lose trust level 3 status . If you dip below these requirements in the last 100 days, you will be demoted back to Member. However, in order to avoid constant promotion/demotion situations, there is a 2-week grace period immediately after gaining Trust Level 3 during which you will not be demoted.

Users at trust level 3 can…

  • Access a secure category only visible to users at trust level 3 and higher
  • Have all their links followed (we remove automatic nofollow)
  • TL3 spam flags cast on TL0 user posts immediately hide the post
  • TL3 flags cast on TL0 user posts in sufficient diversity will auto-silence the user and hide all their posts
  • Daily like limit increased by 2×

Trust Level 4 — Leader

Leaders are regulars who have been around forever and seen everything. They set a positive example for the community through their actions and their posts. If you need advice, these are the folks you turn to first, and they’ve earned the highest level of community trust, such that they are almost moderators within the community already.

Get to trust level 4 by…

  • Manual promotion by staff only

Users at trust level 4 can…

  • Edit all posts
  • Pin/unpin topic
  • Close topics
  • Archive topics
  • Make topics unlisted
  • Split and merge topics
  • Reset topic bump date
  • Daily like limit increased by 3×
  • Any TL4 flag cast on any post immediately takes effect and hides the target post

We take security very seriously. We welcome any peer review of our 100% open source code to ensure nobody is ever compromised or hacked.

Password Storage

We use the PBKDF2 algorithm to encrypt salted passwords. This algorithm is blessed by NIST. Security experts on the web tend to agree that PBKDF2 is a secure choice.

If you use social login ( login via Facebook etc ) then we will not store your password.

We also recommend using a Password Manager with a unique password for every website you visit.


The main vector for XSS attacks is via the post composer, as we allow users to enter Markdown, HTML (a safe subset thereof), and BBCode to format posts.

There are 3 main scenarios we protect against:

  1. Markdown preview invokes an XSS. This is possibly severe in one specific case: when a forum staff member edits a user’s post, seeing the raw markup, where a malicious user may have inserted code to run JavaScript. This code would only show up in the preview, but it would run in the context of a forum staff member, which is very bad.
  2. Markdown displayed on the page invokes an XSS. To protect against client side preview XSS, Discourse uses Google Cajain the preview window.
  3. CSP is on by default for .

On the server side we run a whitelist based sanitizer, implemented using the Sanitize gem.

In addition, titles and all other places where non-admins can enter code are protected either using the Handlebars library or standard Rails XSS protection.


CSRF allows malicious sites to perform HTTP requests in the context of a forum user without their knowledge – mostly by getting users who already hold a valid forum login cookie to click a specific link in their web browser.

We extend built-in Rails CSRF protection in the following ways:

  1. By default any non GET requests ALWAYS require a valid CSRF token. If a CSRF token is missing Discourse will raise an exception.
  2. API calls using the secret API bypass CSRF checks.
  3. Certain pages are “cachable”, we do not render the CSRF token ( <meta name='csrf-token' ... ) on any cachable pages. Instead when users are about to perform the first non GET request they retrieve the token just in time via GET session/csrf

Pop-out Videos: Do you want this feature

This feature allows users to “pop out” media into a floating window while they browse the site. You can even navigate to a different topic and the media will continue working.

You can also “minimise” it, which keeps the audio going in the background, or completely close it.

Does anyone want this feature?
Please let us know and if we get enough support we will add it

Moderators Wanted!

Do you want to volunteer to help moderate this community forum?

Yes? Excellent - we need you!

Please contact us if you have some spare time, at least every second day, and as a requirement you must be educated on the History & Culture of Hip Hop.

Moderators are responsible for;

  • Approving posts by new members
  • Check / Fix categories, dates etc…
  • Add any relevant info or links to posts
  • Send polite messages to users if they are not following the Rules & Instructions.
  • Reporting posts or users to Admin

Buy & Sell - Do you want this feature?

Is anyone out there interested in buying or selling stuff?

You can advertise/search for stuff on this forum and we can add ‘sold’ or ‘for sale’ buttons to posts.

This is something we will explore later but if you are keen then please let us know.

Australian Hip Hop Directory & Community Forum - Terms of Service

These terms govern use of the Internet forum at To use the forum, you must agree to these terms with Australian Hip Hop Directory, the company that runs the forum.

These terms include a number of important provisions that affect your rights and responsibilities, such as the disclaimers in Disclaimers, limits on the companys liability to you in Limits on Liability, your agreement to cover the company for damages caused by your misuse of the forum in Responsibility for Your Use, and an agreement to arbitrate disputes in Disputes.

Your Permission to Use the Forum

Subject to these terms, the company gives you permission to use the forum. Everyone needs to agree to these terms to use the forum.

Conditions for Use of the Forum

Your permission to use the forum is subject to the following conditions:

  • You must be at least thirteen years old.
  • You may no longer use the forum if the company contacts you directly to say that you may not.
  • You must use the forum in accordance with Acceptable Use and Content Standards.

Acceptable Use

  • You may not break the law using the forum.
  • You may not use or try to use anothers account on the forum without their specific permission.
  • You may not buy, sell, or otherwise trade in user names or other unique identifiers on the forum.
  • You may not send advertisements, chain letters, or other solicitations through the forum, or use the forum to gather addresses or other personal data for commercial mailing lists or databases.
  • You may not automate access to the forum, or monitor the forum, such as with a web crawler, browser plug-in or add-on, or other computer program that is not a web browser. You may crawl the forum to index it for a publicly available search engine, if you run one.
  • You may not use the forum to send e-mail to distribution lists, newsgroups, or group mail aliases.
  • You may not falsely imply that you’re affiliated with or endorsed by the company.
  • You may not hyperlink to images or other non-hypertext content on the forum on other webpages.
  • You may not remove any marks showing proprietary ownership from materials you download from the forum.
  • You may not show any part of the forum on other websites with <iframe>.
  • You may not disable, avoid, or circumvent any security or access restrictions of the forum.
  • You may not strain infrastructure of the forum with an unreasonable volume of requests, or requests designed to impose an unreasonable load on information systems underlying the forum.
  • You may not impersonate others through the forum.
  • You may not encourage or help anyone in violation of these terms.

Content Standards

  • You may not submit content to the forum that is illegal, offensive, or otherwise harmful to others. This includes content that is harassing, inappropriate, or abusive.
  • You may not submit content to the forum that violates the law, infringes anyone�s intellectual property rights, violates anyone�s privacy, or breaches agreements you have with others.
  • You may not submit content to the forum containing malicious computer code, such as computer viruses or spyware.
  • You may not submit content to the forum as a mere placeholder, to hold a particular address, user name, or other unique identifier.
  • You may not use the forum to disclose information that you don�t have the right to disclose, like others� confidential or personal information.


The company may investigate and prosecute violations of these terms to the fullest legal extent. The company may notify and cooperate with law enforcement authorities in prosecuting violations of the law and these terms.

The company reserves the right to change, redact, and delete content on the forum for any reason. If you believe someone has submitted content to the forum in violation of these terms, contact us immediately.

Your Account

You must create and log into an account to use some features of the forum.

To create an account, you must provide some information about yourself. If you create an account, you agree to provide, at a minimum, a valid e-mail address, and to keep that address up-to-date. You may close your account at any time by e-mailing

You agree to be responsible for all action taken using your account, whether authorized by you or not, until you either close your account or notify the company that your account has been compromised. You agree to notify the company immediately if you suspect your account has been compromised. You agree to select a secure password for your account, and keep it secret.

The company may restrict, suspend, or close your account on the forum according to its policy for handling copyright-related takedown requests, or if the company reasonably believes that you�ve broken any rule in these terms.

Your Content

Nothing in these terms gives the company any ownership rights in intellectual property that you share with the forum, such as your account information, posts, or other content you submit to the forum. Nothing in these terms gives you any ownership rights in the company�s intellectual property, either.

Between you and the company, you remain solely responsible for content you submit to the forum. You agree not to wrongly imply that content you submit to the forum is sponsored or approved by the company. These terms do not obligate the company to store, maintain, or provide copies of content you submit, and to change it, according to these terms.

Content you submit to the forum belongs to you, and you decide what permission to give others for it. But at a minimum, you license the company to provide content that you submit to the forum to other users of the forum. That special license allows the company to copy, publish, and analyze content you submit to the forum.

When content you submit is removed from the forum, whether by you or by the company, the company�s special license ends when the last copy disappears from the company�s backups, caches, and other systems. Other licenses you apply to content you submit, such as Creative Commons licenses, may continue after your content is removed. Those licenses may give others, or the company itself, the right to share your content through the forum again.

Others who receive content you submit to the forum may violate the terms on which you license your content. You agree that the company will not be liable to you for those violations or their consequences.

Your Responsibility

You agree to indemnify the company from legal claims by others related to your breach of these terms, or breach of these terms by others using your account on the forum. Both you and the company agree to notify the other side of any legal claims for which you might have to indemnify the company as soon as possible. If the company fails to notify you of a legal claim promptly, you won�t have to indemnify the company for damages that you could have defended against or mitigated with prompt notice. You agree to allow the company to control investigation, defense, and settlement of legal claims for which you would have to indemnify the company, and to cooperate with those efforts. The company agrees not to agree to any settlement that admits fault for you or imposes obligations on you without your prior agreement.


You accept all risk of using the forum and content on the forum. As far as the law allows, the company and its suppliers provide the forum as is, without any warranty whatsoever.

The forum may hyperlink to and integrate forums and services run by others. The company does not make any warranty about services run by others, or content they may provide. Use of services run by others may be governed by other terms between you and the one running service.

Limits on Liability

Neither the company nor its suppliers will be liable to you for breach-of-contract damages their personnel could not have reasonably foreseen when you agreed to these terms.

As far as the law allows, the total liability to you for claims of any kind that are related to the forum or content on the forum will be limited to $50.


The company welcomes your feedback and suggestions for the forum. See the Contact section below for ways to get in touch with us.

You agree that the company will be free to act on feedback and suggestions you provide, and that the company won�t have to notify you that your feedback was used, get your permission to use it, or pay you. You agree not to submit feedback or suggestions that you believe might be confidential or proprietary, to you or others.


Either you or the company may end the agreement written out in these terms at any time. When our agreement ends, your permission to use the forum also ends.

The following provisions survive the end of our agreement: Your Content, Feedback, Your Responsibility, Disclaimers, Limits on Liability, and General Terms.


Australian Law will govern any dispute related to these terms or your use of the forum.

You and the company agree to seek injunctions related to these terms only in state or federal court in Sydney. Neither you nor the company will object to jurisdiction, forum, or venue in those courts.

Other than to seek an injunction or for claims under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, you and the company will resolve any Dispute by binding American Arbitration Association arbitration. Arbitration will follow the AAA�s Commercial Arbitration Rules and Supplementary Procedures for Consumer Related Disputes. Arbitration will happen in San Francisco, California. You will settle any dispute as an individual, and not as part of a class action or other representative proceeding, whether as the plaintiff or a class member. No arbitrator will consolidate any dispute with any other arbitration without the company�s permission.

Any arbitration award will include costs of the arbitration, reasonable attorneys� fees, and reasonable costs for witnesses. You and the company may enter arbitration awards in any court with jurisdiction.

General Terms

If a provision of these terms is unenforceable as written, but could be changed to make it enforceable, that provision should be modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it enforceable. Otherwise, that provision should be removed.

You may not assign your agreement with the company. The company may assign your agreement to any affiliate of the company, any other company that obtains control of the company, or any other company that buys assets of the company related to the forum. Any attempted assignment against these terms has no legal effect.

Neither the exercise of any right under this Agreement, nor waiver of any breach of this Agreement, waives any other breach of this Agreement.

These terms embody all the terms of agreement between you and the company about use of the forum. These terms entirely replace any other agreements about your use of the forum, written or not.


You may notify the company under these terms, and send questions to the company, at

The company may notify you under these terms using the e-mail address you provide for your account on the forum, or by posting a message to the homepage of the forum or your account page.


The company last updated these terms on December 12, 2018, and may update these terms again. The company will post all updates to the forum. For updates that contain substantial changes, the company agrees to e-mail you, if you�ve created an account and provided a valid e-mail address. The company may also announce updates with special messages or alerts on the forum.

Once you get notice of an update to these terms, you must agree to the new terms in order to keep using the forum.

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