Static Noize - REVENGE (Official Video)

Static Noize - REVENGE (Official Video)
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Burundian-Australian duo Static Noize use the stunning West Coast as the setting for their latest music video Revenge , a conflicting take on the anger of heartbreak.

Splashed with casual Dragon Ball-Z- like flames and water graphics, the song is about what it means to feel so heartbroken that you want revenge for the love that has been ripped away from you.

The song does not feel completely vulnerable, yet it will probably leave you feeling a little sad. Static Noize are angry. Angry about the ways love can chew you up, the song’s main thread languishing, “Revenge is on my mind tonight” .

The song was penned directly from personal experience, written as a form of emotional therapy while one of the members of the duo was going through a harrowing heartbreak. “Suffocating I can’t be without you, hurts to say that I still fucking love you,” he sings.

Static Noize was formed in 2016 and is made up of Burundian duo Siri Da Cupid and Trilla Venus. In 2017 they released their EP Electric Nights and in 2018 they released a three-track EP Timeless , to a constantly expanding fanbase.

Revenge was produced by Colcci in his home studio. The song has got big Rae Sremmurd vibes, with melodic vocals sung over a synthesised flute and smouldering 808s.

It’s a promising sound and soul for a West Australian hip hop group.

Static Noize is an Australian Hip-Hop group from Perth western Australia, formed in the late summer of 2016. The group is composed of 2 rappers, best known by their stage names Siri kidd and Trilla Foe. all members of the group are Burundian . Static Noize released their debut single “City” in 2017, taken from their EP Electric Nights. Their music since then has proven to go above and beyond the normal realm of Hip-Hip. Static Noize can come from releasing solid Hip-Hop projects to releasing different styles and variations of music.